Assurance Home Care Services

Services appropriate to the needs of the individual patient and family are planned, coordinated, and made available by providers organized for the delivery of home health care.  These health services are provided to individuals and families in their places of residence for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, restoring health, or maximizing the level of independence, while minimizing the effects of disability and illness, including terminal illness.

Our Registered Nurses provide skilled care to their patients. They also provide education and helpful instruction to family members. Our nurses work to enable their patients to live and function independently at home.
This process increases the patients’ comfort; thereby, improving their overall health. Our services include but are not limited to:
• Treatments & Injections
• Dressing Change
• Catheter Care
• Supervision of Medication
• Restorative Care
• Respiratory Care
• Family/Patient Health Education and Counseling
• Diabetic Education
• Care of Chronically Ill
• Drawing Blood & Lab Work
• Intravenous Therapy (I.V.)
• Wound Care
• Pre-Op and Post-Op Care

REMEDY HOME CARE therapists are certified and licensed in the State of California. Each therapist is specially trained to assist patients in improving their ability to perform daily activities.

Our therapists will assist family members in making arrangements for outpatient services that may not be given in the home.

REMEDY HOME CARE Social Workers provide counseling with the patients’ and/or family to help deal with social and emotional factors that are related to the patients’ illness.

Our specialists help family members to properly care for the patient by communicating available community resources.

REMEDY HOME CARE Aides assist the patient with personal care, meal preparation, ambulation and exercises under professional supervision.